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    help with classes

    Hi every one i am new at oop and i really need help in this assigment i have to create a class Rectange. the class has attributes Length and width each of which defoult to 1. It has to member functions that caculates the perimeter and the area of the rectange. I has set and get function bor both length and width . the set funciton should vertify that length and width are each floating point numbers larger than 0.0 and less then 20.0

    can some one just help me how to start this programm and then i will get the idea how to do the rest

    thank you
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    Try this. That should help you get started.


    If you're new to the boards, welcome and reading this will help you get started.
    Information on code tags may be found here

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    And this one is a masterpiece

    Pay special attention to Polymorphic OOP thread.

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