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    creating objects

    i am giving the option to create any no of class "Data" how can i do that since i will be asking him one by one not at once like i will not ask him to enter the number of objects to make. rather i will be asking like do you want another object to be created?

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    Forgive me if I am totally misunderstanding. I think you want a vector.

    #include <vector>
    using std::vector;
    int main(void) {
      vector <my_object> array;
      // put code here
      return 0;

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    You should be more specefic, I cann't understand your question too.

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    #define MAX_OBJECTS 200
    Object* MyObjects[MAX_OBJECTS];
    int i = 0;
    while( Answer == YES ) //Use an appropriate loop condition
         MyObjects[i++] = new Object;
    After the loop, i will be the number of objects that have been created.

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