Thread: how to make an EXE in msvc++

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    how to make an EXE in msvc++

    i have 3 linked source files, hgow do i make them an exe so i can carry it arround and use it on other computers ?

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    Hit the F7 key, the .exe file will be in the project folder :-)

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    Hit the exclamation point button.

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    F7 the .exe will be in either the Release or Debug folder depending on the project settings.
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    Make sure you set the Release on "Rebuild All" or "Batch Build". I don't have MSVC6 available at this minute, but it is in one of those 2.
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    Code Junkie
    how come it gives me some license agreement thing, when i clcik on the exe then after that it just dissapears?!!

    i have the student version, would i be better off with a new compiler?

    someone please help!

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    Add std::cin.get() right before the end of main() (before the return statement), that will keep your program open.

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