Thread: BIOS Interrupts in VC++

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    BIOS Interrupts in VC++


    The Windows Console Programs run in Virtual 8086 Mode, so it is possible to Acess BIOS Interrupts. How would i do this in VC++ 6?? When i try to acess an Interrupt using the _asm Keyword the program Crashes!

    Is there another way?? Can this be done at all??

    Please Help.....,

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    Hi there

    I think your application console program is a 16 bit app,and it windows allocates a dedicated VM for it,it's ok till here,but most of bios functions have direct access to ports or memory locations and windows generate an exception error in these situation,and if you don't handle this exception error,your program will have an unpredictable behaviour.So you must be careful about your bios function at first,does it access a port or memory location directly?if yes,it goes wrong and windows doesn't allow any direct access to ports or memory locations.More about this is my thread "Diving into hardware device drivers",and 2 replies are there.

    I hope you success)

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