Thread: classes vs. parametric arrays

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    classes vs. parametric arrays

    I've been recently informed that my data structures are all wrong. The system that I've been using is parallel arrays i.e. x and y of object 12 are x[12] and y[12], respectively. Apparently the "right" way to do this is with arrays of objects i.e. object[12].x and object[12].y. Is there a good reason for this (faster/less memory etc.) that I'm not aware of that makes objects the better option?
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    I doubt there'll be much in it in respect of memory or speed. If you have functions that act on your arrays then you'll make it safer using a class/struct, as you'll only have to pass in one of the indices as an argument.

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    well, it depends if you want to be an object oreinted programmer or not. Obviously both of the methods you mention work fine, but I would go with the object method because it fits better in the the object oriented paradigm and is therefor easier to understand and maintain.

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