Thread: A little confused on classes

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    The most common terminology for these functions is Accessor function for the Get...() and Mutator function for Set...() but then again thats just a moot point.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    The terminology that's used in my book is: transformer for set, and observer for get.

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    I call them member functions. Period.

    It's silly to get caught up on the terminology. Most member functions access datamembers either directly or indirectly (otherwise they'd be static member functions or, perhaps, virtual member functions) so it seems silly to me to call them "accessors." The more terms there are for the same concept, the easier it is to get confused.

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    Yeah everything I've read calls them member functions, and so thats what i call them too. It's not like it matters, you wont get fired from a job by not knowing the correct terminology.

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