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    Question Facing problem while linking

    Hi,I am new to programming in C++.i have BORLAND C++ version 3.1.I am having problems quite often when i am trying to link some complex examples given by the borland with C++.The the liker gives this error msg"Undefined symbol _main in module WINMAIN".I will be thankfull if someone tells me the solution of the problem I am facing.
    thank you.

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    Did you tell your compiler to make a console app? It looks like it trying to make a Windows one.
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    I was having the same problem. I'm using version 5.5 but should work as well. You have to add the option to compile a windows app. Something like:

    bcc32 -tW main.cpp

    where bcc32 is how your compiler is called. Mine is like that and probably your's as well. -tW is the option to compile a windows app and main.cpp is the name of your fiel with the code
    Hope this helps.
    If this doesn't work try d/l the version 5.5 command line tools. It's free!
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