Thread: question on NEEDING constants to declare an array of structures

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    question on NEEDING constants to declare an array of structures

    sorry to ask another question, but i need to use a struct, and am declaring it like this...

    struct Transaction	// Declaration of Transaction Structure
        int ordernumber;
    	char date[10];
    	int orderedproductid;
    	float priceperproduct;
    	int numberordered;
    	char productlineid[10];
    	int customerid;
    and.... this is where i use it... first is a counter to find how many
    lines are in the file, so thats how i know how large to declare my records.
    while( (ch = transactionin.peek()) != EOF)  // this counts how many lines are
    {								// in the transaction.h data file
    const int MAXRECS = LINECOUNTER;	//used to declare amount of space in the structure
    Transaction records[MAXRECS] ;	//declaring the structure with MAXRECS number
    thats only part of my code, the counter works fine, but it says my maxrecs needs to be a constant, and i can not get this to work since i need to set maxrecs equal to the linecounter from above.



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    Try using dynamic memory allocation if you want run-time array sizes.
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    thanks for responding. i am reading up all about dynamic mem. allocation, but am having trouble with it.

    how will i use it for my particular case? id imagine for my purposes its a pretty simple thing to do

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    use the "new" key word for dynamic memory allocation. remember that this will return a pointer to your array, not the array itself.

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    Something like...

    something like this:

    transaction* records = new transaction[MAXRECS];

    NOTE: you could use LINECOUNTER directly thus saving some memory.
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