Thread: Diving into Windows based hardware device drivers

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    Question Diving into Windows based hardware device drivers

    Hi there
    I'm a beginner in VC++.I built a circuit which connect to parallel port,and my program communicate with it in DOS OS.But I need to write a driver for this hardware in Windows,and I planed to do this in VC++.But i couldn't find any function to control parallel port bit by bit.So I searched,and I found that I have to use Windows DDK.Now my question,I have no any resource about DDK,no any sample code for it and ...,can you get me an idea for this?can you send me a small part of code about controlling parallel port bits like Strobe,like Busy bits?can you introduce me an online resource?I'm waiting to hear from you

    thanks in advance
    M_R AsAdi

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    This isn't as hard is it sounds. You may actually get all you need with the DDK. If not just look through the catalog of articles they have at msdn.

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    There is also some info at about ports & drivers. (And, they have a program that gives your program access to the ports.) There is detailed info about the parallel port at .

    [IMHO] Writing a true kernel mode driver is HARDER than it sounds! I've borrowed a book called "Programming the Windows Driver Model" by Walter Oney. This shtuff looks complicated! Of course, Oney is talking about drivers for arbitrary hardware, and the parallel port is common to all computers. So, I would think that most of whats needed should be built-into Windows(?) The programs at beyondlogic don't look too bad.

    I haven't looked at this yet, but it might be helpful...
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