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  • Enclose to inside the for-loop

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  • Make local to block outside the for-loop.

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Thread: visual c++ for loop var scope

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    Question visual c++ for loop var scope

    Since the only compiler I have ever really used is visual c++, I used to think that it was part of the c++ standard for a variable declared within the initializer statement of a for-loop to have scope outside the for-loop. But I just started reading The C++ Programming Language recently and now I see that this is not the case. Actually, now I prefer to have the reduced scope, so I found the option to disable the setting in the compiler.

    But that got me wondering how many people conform to the vc++ default considering the compiler is very popular (at least from my pov)?

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    can you explain what you found out?

    I'm new to c++
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    Sure, i'm no expert either, but i enjoy learning c++ (i'm going to college next year and i regret i may not get a chance to take many programming classes since i'll be going into engineering\physics).

    Anyway, the default setup in msoft visual c++ environment is to allow for code like this:
    for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
    	// optional statements here.
    	// the variable 'i' can be used here.
    // the variable 'i' can be used here in visual c++.
    The "c++ standard" does not really allow the variable 'i' to be used outside the for-loop considering it was defined inside the for-loop's initializer sequance. I don't know how much of a beginner you are, but i hope that was adequate.

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    I would like to hope anyone with some sense would follow The C++ Standard, but that might be alitlte bit too much to hope for.

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