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    Socket Libriaries

    Anyone kno, were I can get the correct libarie to, use sockets.. in C++ .. ?

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    Lightbulb Well..

    The right library files are in C++. There's Linker Options in your project options, and I know one of them is -wsock32 in the include, but I don't know the rest because I am trying to learn sockets, and I can never get the right lib files.


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    you cant get the right lib filez but your a pro 14 year old... o your so pro... by the way your html tags are showing...

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    If you are using Windows, I can't really help you, but Winsock2.h does contain most of the networking functions you will need in Windows.

    If you are programming under Unix/Linux, I would recommend getting the following book: "Unix Network Programming" by Richard Stevens Volume 1.
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