Thread: using 'cin' like function in win32 application.

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    using 'cin' like function in win32 application.

    i'm new to c++.
    i wrote a simple console application to solve engeneering problems.
    to describe a 3d stucture with a matrix of coord (allocating it dinamically), solve it,and display the result.
    it takes input from the keyboard,obviously, and wait untill user is ready.

    using cin and cout it's not difficult, but i'm unable to display a grafical solution.
    so i'm trying to port the code to a win32 sdc application.
    i know how to display strings or other objects defined in the software, but i'm not able to :
    1) get input from the keyboard
    2) store input to a variable.
    i can assign a value before compiling and display it (like cout does ) but not retrieve and assign in runtime.

    any idea?

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    You implied a GUI based applications for this project. One solution is an edit box via CEditBox for keyboard input.


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    CEditBox. ok
    i need infos on this object. where can i find them?

    but i still have a problem.

    i'm working with pointers in order to handle a matrix as big as necessary. (i'm working with linear equations to calculate the solution). i do not know how big is the matrix of coord inserted by the user, till he insert the number of rows and columns. after that my program is allocatin memory for each derivated matrix to solve. to solve a structure i need at least 3 matrix ( geometric descriptions, elasticity, and weight), that may vary from structure to structure. so i can't define a const number of editbox on screen, till he has inserted row and column numbers. i need to read two value from keyboard in runtime , and from that display an appropriate number of editboxes!

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