Thread: Strange problem with looping through vectors

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    Strange problem with looping through vectors

    I am trying to loop through a vector to check the values against the actual file. At this point I know that they work because I have checked them as they were being read in and I have checked them individually, but when I check all of them at the same time it doesn't work. To clarify 'they' are points, and when I check each point individually it works fine, but when I check them all at the same time I get incorrect values. Here is the code I am using, the second point is commented out on purpose.

    			for(int j = 0; j < mnumbrushes; j++){
    			//currentplane is really now the number of planes because we have already read them all in from the file
    				for(int i = 0; i < BrushVector[j].currentplane; i++) {
    				cout << "Plane number: " << i << " of brush number " << j << endl;
    				cout << "X value p1: " << BrushVector[j].PlaneVector[i].p1.x << endl;
    				cout << "Y value p1: " << BrushVector[j].PlaneVector[i].p1.y << endl;
    				cout << "Z value p1: " << BrushVector[j].PlaneVector[i].p1.z << endl;
    			//	cout << "X value p2: " << BrushVector[j].PlaneVector[i].p2.x << endl;
    			//	cout << "y value p2: " << BrushVector[j].PlaneVector[i].p2.y << endl;
    			//	cout << "z value p2: " << BrushVector[j].PlaneVector[i].p2.z << endl;
    				cout << "X value p3: " << BrushVector[j].PlaneVector[i].p3.x << endl;
    				cout << "y value p3: " << BrushVector[j].PlaneVector[i].p3.y << endl;
    				cout << "z value p3: " << BrushVector[j].PlaneVector[i].p3.z << endl;
    			}	//PLANE
    	}			//FUNCTION
    any advice will be appreciated

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    Code seems valid.

    Post an example of of objects creations including one PlaneVector and BrushVector. I want to see how you instantiate the objects and insert them into the containers.


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    Using .size() rather than numbrushes and currentplane could also be a sanity check. You could also use .at() rather than [] to see if it throws anything. Best guess from what you have shown is either a read out of bounds or an invalid copy ctor.

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