Thread: how to indent a file.

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    how to indent a file.

    this is the program i have right now, this program reads the source file lab2.c and creates a new file called lab2b.c. what i wanna know is if the code in lab2.c is not indented properley how can i write a code to indent lab2.c properley.

    Help would be greatley appriciated, e-mail me if you have any questions!!!!!
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
        FILE *f,*ff;
        char s[100];
    	while (fgets(s,100,f)!=NULL)
        return 0;

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    You don't want to write this program. You want to search for some freeware that will beautify C/C++ code.

    ::end ominous voice
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    This might be too much for you to tackle right now.

    However, as a longer-term project, I wouldn't discourage you! Make an outline of what your program needs to do (maybe a flow chart or psudo-code). Then as you learn, you can add features to your program.

    Basically, you need to load each line into a string, and then "parse" the string looking for things that should be indented, or be followed by an indent. You have to keep track of your indent-level, and look for things that un-indent. Of course, you have to compare the existing indentation to what the program "wants".

    If you are looking for an existing program, you want to look for a programming EDITOR. The only editor I know of that has that feature is Slick Edit [$300] . A couple of free editors that MIGHT have a beautify feature are Code Genie and Source Edit. (?) I use a free editor called Jens' File Editor. It has a feature called "AutoIndent" but that's NOT exactly what you're asking for.

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