Thread: combining multiple strings into 1 string

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    combining multiple strings into 1 string

    I'm having some trouble doing something like this:

    char first[10];
    char second[10];
    char third[10];
    char final[30];
    final = first + second + third;
    I get an error saying "cannot add two pointers", how would I do this?

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    That is correct, first, second, third and final are pointers. You could use standard C functions for this. For adding strings you can use the function strcat(). Or you could try the C++ type string.

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    As Shiro said:
    string first,second,third;
    // ...
    string final(first+second+third);

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    Since this is C++ you should avoid using low level C strings whenever possible and play with the much better string class. That way you don't have to fool around with functions like strcmp and strcpy. :-)

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