Thread: problem with graphics.h

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    problem with graphics.h

    Ok i have visual c++ version 6.0, i went to get some games today and every one of them says unable to find file "graphics.h".

    Does anyone know where i can get this, or how to fix it? whats the problem here? thanks
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    Visual Studio doesn't support graphics.h, and there's no way to paste it in. Try looking for some other graphics library that you can install, graphics.h is Borland based I think.

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    I believe graphics.h is needed for BGI graphics, which are not supported under Windows. They need to be used under DOS. Probably a DOS based version of Turbo C++ would work. You can get v1.01 at :
    However, you are required to become a member of the Borland Community before downloading the software.
    Unfortunately I do not know where to get a later version of Turbo C++.

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