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    After a three day journey of searching the net, the local university and the public library I have been unable to conclude that the langauge 'Assembly' still exists.

    It is my opinion that this once great language has become extinct from the same catastrophic disaster that caused the dissapearance of the Sega megadrive, and Commodore 64.

    Nah enough of that. I need help, I've been searching everywhere for tutorials on Assembly, but everything I find dates back to the 80's for the 80086 and most of it doesn't seem to work for me. I am running DJGPP as my C/C++ compiler and NASM as my assembly compiler.

    If anyone knows some good links to sites with reliatively new (aka works on a 386 or higher) could you please post them?


    PS: Yes, I know how to use a search engine, I've had lots of practice in the last few days, and everything is old.

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    >>If anyone knows some good links to sites with reliatively new (aka works on a 386 or higher) could you please post them?
    Linux and the GNU Hurd come to mind. Operating systems require assembly for the lowest level parts like boot loaders. Try searching Usenet also, here's one.

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    also recommand a book:
    "Assembly Language Step-By-Step" by Duntemann

    keep in mind not too many people still program in Assembly, thus much of your findings will be outdated..........

    ..........try microsoft's website....

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    Everyone at flashdaddee seems to know ASM...

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    I downloaded the file golfinguy4 but I can't figure out what its supposed to be, Zip, exe or what?

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