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    Blink Blink Blink...

    Hey peoples i just want to know on where i can get a better compiler but used for newbies too. im using the dev-c++ but everytime i create a new project in DOS and put all the codes and stuff in there and compile then run i press ENTER the DOS "blink" and closes. am i doing it right??? someone please help or do it need a better compiler ?
    im still a noob...

    ....but im trying my best to help people out

    ...doing that will help me understand more and more about c++

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    Include conio.h and place getch(); at the end of the main function. If you don't have conio, place fgets(); or some other input function instead.

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    Vis your question, Magos has supplied you with a solution, read the FAQ for others, hint, your program is running so fast, it is exiting before you have had a chance to read it.

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    Add this header-file on your program:
    #include <stdlib.h>
    And at the end of the main function, of course, before 'return', add this line:


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    And if you're already using the iostream library for I/O,

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