Thread: 2 Dimensional array question/problem

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    2 Dimensional array question/problem

    I am working on a program in C++ where the user enters a start number and a skip value. The program is then suppose to display 100 numbers (starting at the start value) and increase by the skip value. (ex. start number = 10, skip number = 5, output would be 10 15 20... until 100 numbers were outputed).

    here is what i have so far, and maybe some one could steer me back in the right direction:

    void array()
    int array[10][10];
    int start_value;
    int skip_value;
    int row;
    int col;
    cout << "Please enter a starting value: ";
    cin >> start_value;
    cout << "Please enter a skip value: ";
    cin >> skip_value;

    array[0][0] = start_value;
    cout << array[0][0] << " ";

    for (row = 0; row <= 9; row++)
    for (col = 0; col <= 9; col++)
    array[row][col] = array[row][col] + skip_value;
    cout << array[row][col] << " ";

    col = 0;


    if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated.


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    First of all, use code tags. Second, why do you need a two dimensional array for this? I'd do something like this:
    for(int i = start; i < 100*skip; i+=skip)
    	cout << i << endl;
    I think that would suffice. I'm not entirely sure that that would only print out the first 100 numbers, as this was coded off the top of me head, but I think you get the idea. Try to find simple, elegant solutions rather than going overboard with multi-dimensional arrays and such.

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    There isn't any reason that I can see why you would need an array, let alone a two dimensional array. You only need an array to store data which isn't needed here.

    Try something like
    for (int x=0; x<100; ++x)

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