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    Copying Arrays

    What is the correct way to copy an array to another array in C++? Currently, I am just saying: array1=array2;

    I have a feeling there is a problem with this, because there are some compilers which are complaining and some which aren't. Is the correct way just to run a for loop and copy each value one by one?

    Thanks, appreciate it.

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    That seems a sensible way of copying arrays to me. As long as you stay within the bounds of the arrays, there shouldn't be any problems.
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    This is logical for me...why wouldn't it be correct?

    for(int i = 0; i < arraysize; i ++)
         array2[i] = array1[i];
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    You could use memcpy, i.e.

    void *memcpy(void *dest, const void *src, size_t n);

    Where n is the number of bytes to be copied.

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    You can encapsulate it in a class or struct or union and just let the assignment operator do it for you.


    struct Array
        int Data[5];
    // Then you can do:
    Array A, B;
    /* ... */
    A = B;
    However, I wouldn't recommend doing this in most places unless it makes logical sense that the array should be encapsulated.

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    Or, you could *gasp* use a vector.
    #include <vector>
    // ...
    std::vector<int> intvec1;
    // ...
    std::vector<int> intvec2(intvec1);

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