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    Hi guys,

    I'm in adv. c++ at my college here and its rough..really rough..i'm starting to hate it and i dont' want to do so..i started last night at 7PM and went to bed this morning at 4..and i'm still not even done writing the classes. (I put another 10 hours in prior to this as well) I dunno why i'm tellin ya this...but ah well...

    anyways..i think my classes are written..but when i compile i get this strange error for each of my 6 classes...

    it states....

    fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive

    Do you know what this means..its brings up 7 errors for for each of my classes and now one for my MAIN...does anyone know what it is..the deadline for my classes is tuesday...AHHH...its only the first week of school

    thanks again... BNB

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    You are using Visual C++ and MFC? In that case you are probably missing to include the file stdafx.h in your source files.

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    i'm using .net right now! HELP!

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    I'm not sure about .net, but for VC6 this works... try it.

    Project->Settings->C/C++->Category: Precompiled Headers
    Select "Not using precompiled headers"

    If that doesn't work, then a last resort would be to insert #include "stdafx.h" at the top of every single one of your source files.

    Hope that helps.

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