Thread: Dividing fractions help!!!

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    Dividing fractions help!!!

    hey i've been taking a C++ class for half a school year and i need help on writing thois program for HW....the question is....Given Fractions a/b and c/d (a,b,c,d integers, b+d not zero) print in lowest terms the quotient of a/b divided by c/d.....first test if b or d=0................since i have only learned basic stuff i'd have to do this in void functions with parameters and also loops. please help by writing this program for me as basic as you can.........thanks

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    tell ya wat, try and do it yourself, show some effort, then come back...

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    well i have sorta an idea wat to do........i need a do while loop to make sure b and d ==0 and i need. how do i divide fractions tho? and how would i check to see if i was in lowest terms?

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    you probably know this already. But to divide functions, you would write it like any other math function in C++
    e.g a=4/3;
    except now your using variables.
    as for your test statement, I'm not sure why you have to use a while loop, but you could just use an if statement.
    hope that helped.
    Good luck

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    to give you a hint, if you forgot, dividing fractions can be done by multiplying reciprocals.

    by the way, people on this board won't do your homework, try it, post code, and we'll be glad to help, but to write the program for you is not an option, and it is also cheating.

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