Thread: Array of function pointers?

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    Array of function pointers?

    Ok, I'm a bit confused as to how to declare this.

    I want to pass into one of my functions an array (of variable size) of function pointers. As it's variable size I assume I need to pass it as a pointer to the beginning of the array + count of elements.

    Now, the syntax for declaring function pointers is already odd, so how do I declare this? Each function would take and return a double.

    Would I declare my function like this:

    void theFunction(double (**pfunc)()),int count)

    And use it like this to call the first function (function #0):

    double d = (*pfunc[0])(0.5);

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    Figured it out

    Figured I'd save myself some headache and do something like this:

    typedef double (* FUNCPTR_DD)(double);

    And then use:

    theFunction(FUNCPTR_DD *, int);

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    I sometimes get confused with the notation for passing an array of pointers:
    //definition of instance
    CAccount *array[size];
    //Declaration in class
    viod Function(CAccount *[], int);
    //definition of method
    void CAccount::Function(CAccount *a[],int size){ ...}

    It would be even more hellish to deal with an array of pointers to functions. This is where C/C++ me off a little bit. I doubt that it has to be this confusing.
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    The worst is actually trying to allocate the memory with new -- because it is confusing as hell as to where you put the *s and the []s.

    That's why I do love that typedef -- you can define a pointer to a function with the params/returns you want as a new type, then use it like any other type.

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