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    Question exiting instantly

    if a function returns type data bool and we want to exit the program without returning to main(). what's the syntax?

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    #include <cstdlib>


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    whats that EXIT_STATUS?

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    An integer exit status. 0 normally indicates success, anything else is some kind of informational error code. If you are not interested in the value, say exit(1). Be careful.
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    >>whats that EXIT_STATUS?
    A value that I have no way of guessing since you didn't mention what operating system/compiler you use. It's meant to be read as "Insert your favorite exit status here". :-)

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    Just wanted to say that exiting somewhere IN the program is
    a bad thing. If you ever want to go more advanced programming
    (win32,OpenGL) you'lle notice that you can't just exit somewhere,
    But need to send a signal back to main so it exits from main.

    Anyway for console apps it doesn't cause any trouble to exit
    anywhere just wanted you to know.


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    even doing this in a basic windows app will mess things up. Memory leaks are only the tip of the iceberg of side effects.

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