Thread: Assembly in C++?

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    Assembly in C++?

    Is the Union for the assembly registers stored in any header files or is it safer to just make my own union? Also what header are the interrupts stored in?

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    What architecture are you programming for?

    If it's an x86 running in protected mode and you're missing the dos union regs (or whatever) then you'll have to make your own. Chances are your interupts are priviledged instructions; so you'll either have to write a device driver, use a dos compiler and hope the emultion copes or use system calls to carry out the same task.

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    >> what header are the interrupts stored in?

    We all know what you meant there, but that question could have been worded better.

    Here is the deal, Win32 does allow the programmer to rely on using interrupts for their programs (as JoeSixpack pointed out) so you are probably wanting to use a dos compiler. But the good news is the win api should allow you to do whatever it is that you want to do.

    For those who thought this thread was what I thought it was going to be, you can use assembler and C/C++ together in the same program. You can either compile in your asm source or use inline assembler.

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