Thread: any useful tips to increase speed when parsing files

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    any useful tips to increase speed when parsing files

    any tips for increasing speed when parsing files? so far i read in the entire file at once, and then create a pointer which points to it to extract the data, other than that I don't have any ideas for increasing speed and i was wondering if anyone else did have any useful tips that increase speed.

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    Your o/s may allow you to only read in certain pages of your file to memory (assuming it's the size of the file that is slowing you down).

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    well this is the thing i'm not really going slow (yet) but I am starting to get into parsing some considerably large files, and I want to make sure I'm doing everything as optimal as possible, hence the reason I leave the file open for as long EDIT: little as possible, instead I read everything into a temporary buffer and then close it and then extract the things i need from there
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