Thread: Forcing variables to be declared at top of a function

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    Forcing variables to be declared at top of a function

    I was wondering if there was an option (for c++) to force the variables to be declared in the top of the function. I try to do it myself, but I have a habbit of creating variables as I need and placing right above where I need them. Id prefer to be forced to keep the code more readible, you know, from lack of will power
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    I'm going to answer off the top of my head and say no. Just catch yourself and the habit will build into you.

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    Do not break your habit. IMHO you are much better of declaring variables where needed rather than at the top of the function. Remember this is c++ not c and as such whenever you declare a variable that has a constructor you incur the cost of that construction/destruction. So it is only common sense to declare variables in c++ where you need them.
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    You might be able to use #pragma directives or some clever #pragma coding to create a warning if your variables are ungrouped or all-over.

    This wouldn't be that simple though.
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