Thread: How to change an INT into a CHAR ??

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    How to change an INT into a CHAR ??

    How can you change an INT var into a CHAR var?


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    There is a certain range of integers that can be represented as ANSI characters. Do you want a variable that you can manipulate or do you just want to display the character value?

    If you want the variable, than after you have validated the integer, you can print it into a string (sprintf), than assign the character in the string to a char type.

    If you just want to display the character value of the integer than there are functions such as printf that can accomplish this by using the right control string specifier.

    I don't know if cout will act like a printf control string if you typecast the integer, it might.

    Consult an ANSI table.
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    What kinds of control string specifiers are there?

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    I just did this in one of my programs try this

    sprintf(oi,"%d",OI);//use sprintf to convert numbers to strings

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    Sorry I forgot to tell you oi is a string and OI is an int

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    To display an int as a corresponding ASCII character, you can use cout.put(x), where x is an int with a corresponding ASCII value. This doesn't actually change anything, but is fine for couts only.

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