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    Question Sorry - this is probably a simple question...

    how do you get if the mouse is being pressed, and where it is? I know I probably sound like a newbie right now, and I am... so...

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    Not possible.
    You'll need to use an API (Application Programming Interface) to achieve this... like the Win32 API. #include <windows.h>

    Although I suggest you stick to console applications until you learn the language, there's some amazing Win32 tutorials at

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    If you get familiar with win api from that site he linked ... The mouse button information is included in one of the paramaters passed to the callback function.

    Something I did when learning win32 api was left the console window enabled and every msg pump loop I would clear the screen and output in hex and integer format the hi and lo order parameters, you can watch them change as you move your move over the window and click, drag, click and hold, etc.
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