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    Is it possible to write a script in C++ that will take a input sentence " Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country" . And sorted the sentence in alpha order (aid all come country for good is men now of the the their to to) As well check that the sentence is longer than 80 characters.

    Thread 1 accepts the input
    Thread 2 does the sorting and manipulation
    Thread 3 deliver the output to the screen

    C++ Newbie,

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    Yes it is possible! Any more questions?

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    Read individual words from sentence into vector<string> or list<string> container. Call the appropriate sort function/member function for the given container. Iterate through the container and sum up the lengths of the individual strings to determine character count. Sounds very easy.
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    Create an array of strings for the number of words present in the sentence. Use any standard sorting method of sorting the array of strings, and then concatenate them using strcat().

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    This is hardly worthy of multithreading, assuming that is what you ment by "Thread 1 does this..etc"

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