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    im sorry to keep bugging you but i have one more problem? am i not doing the math right because the variables that are constant arent being ammounted to what they should be for example:

    software is 69.95 and mem_card is 34.98 while both nw_pc and disk_drive are 69.95

    but if u look at the code you see this is clearly not supposed to be. i know its something ive overlooked but im not sure what? any ideas?

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    dear oh dear. simple instructions still not good enough....
    cout << "How many items would you like to buy? ";
    cin >> times; // this leaves a newline in the stream that getline takes as its input
    for(int i = 1;i <= times;i++)
    cout << "Which item would you like to buy? ";
    //its completely skipping over this getline
    cin.ignore(80,'\n'); // this will remove from the stream 80 chars or up to a newline whichever comes first
    cin.getline(item,30); // hey presto not skipped anymore!
    cout<< "How many?: ";
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    yea tahts whats i have but something seems to be effecting he value of those constants that i have being intialized at the beginning i cant figure that out?

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