Thread: union problems return

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    union problems return

    ok let say i have a union called "shareLD" which takes this form:

    union shareLD
       double dval;
       long lval;
    shareLD myUnion;
    myUnion.dval = 3.5;
    so now dval contains 3.5...i get that part...but does lval contain 3.0 since they share the same memory?

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    >>but does lval contain 3.0 since they share the same memory?
    No, you can only use one member at a time in a union.

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    You can use both members at same time. The problem here is that double is not an int-type. If you had for example the following union:

    union myunion
        int a;
        int b;
    Now if you have a variable of type myunion and assign a value x to variable a, then b has the same value as a. They share the same memory.

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