Thread: ios and istream, cin.getline(blah,blah,blah)

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    ios and istream, cin.getline(blah,blah,blah)

    Please help me...I am fairly new at C++ and perhaps am doing something wrong.

    I have created linked list using private member pointers. The purpose is to mimick a worksheet(like Excel). This allows the user to input values, peruse these values, etc.

    However, the key issue is input. Whenever I go outside of void main....oops, int main, cin.getline(blah,blah,blah) doesn't seem to work.

    Perhaps I am doing something wrong. However, if its not suppose to work outside of main...what should I do.

    I have tried using a friend function within my linking classes: istream &istream>>operator(istream&, object&) and istream &istream getline(istream &) w/o any success.

    cin and its overloaded operator >> works outside of main w/o any you are aware, it will only send back one stream in the stream object at one time.

    I have created this small looping program where I was able to retrieve the availabe chars after the first NULL of the input stream, but the only problem is, when you are trying to do error checkout(idiot proofing) if someone were to enter more than one space in the stream, the program will not work.

    Anyhow, any suggestions.



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    it might have something to do with your namespace declaration

    but the best way to find the error would be if you would post some code either, along with your preprocessor directives....(all the includes)


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    For text files, consider std::getline and std::string.


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