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    Question Class or Struct?

    I have been wondering which is better to use? A struct or a class? I have been thinking it would be a class since it's members are private by default. But I have no clue...

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    I don't think there is such as better here, but using a class is more common. From that point of view it might by handier to use a class, especially when using a library which uses classes it leads to more consistency and easier design. And it might be easier to read, a lot of people associate a structure with the struct as used in C while they associate class with the C++ class.

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    I don't think there is a better here as well. I agree with Shiro. But structs in C++ are most commonly used with data members while classes more commonly include the member functions.

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    First of all, Do you know the difference between them?
    If Yes... Then use what you want
    If No... Then this thread should be about the difference between them.

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    I thought the only difference was that a structs members are public by default while a classes are private by default. And that a class was made from structures and have expanded functionality. Is this what the difference is?

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    A class isn't made from a struct; a class is a struct with data members set to private by default. That's it. However, it is good coding practice to label the access of classes anyway. Personally, I use structs exclusively in the C form, so private and protected data members are ruled out.

    I have seen structs used #define'd as interface in COM coding in C++, but this is an exception to the rule.

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    Use whichever you want... it's not a large dilemma =P

    Personally I prefer class for things with functions, constructors, etc. and I use struct for things that are just data. Although you can put just data in a class and all the virtual functions and assignment operators you want in a struct =)

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    I say use class, unless you only have public data members, use a struct.

    I see so much c++ code using c-ish structs, that I freak out everytime I see the word struct in a c++ program- but that's just me

    Anyways, doesn't matter.

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    There's really no big difference between a class and a struct, apart from struct having public members as default.
    Structs can have all features classes can, like constructors and inheritance. But most of the time structs are used as simple data-containers.
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    An added information

    When you apply inheritance to structs they are inherited publicly by default
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    I use structs simply to store like data like time (mins, hours, secs) or address (house number, line1, line2, post/zip code) but I would use a class when I wanted to also manipulate that data, have the data members private and the access functions public like

        int hours;
        int mins;
        int secs;
        int gethours(){return hours;};
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