Thread: Newbie Q? how do u turn bool functions off?!!

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    Newbie Q? how do u turn bool functions off?!!

    it sounds simple but everything i try doesnt work, im usin visuall c++

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    Turning Boolean functions off? A bool function returns a bool
    value, you cant just give it a true or false value.
    as for a normal bool just
     bool test; test=true; test=false;

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    >it sounds simple but everything i try doesnt work

    I think you have a function to turn something on and off, a toggle-function, which does not work as you expected. Maybe you could post your function and explain what it should do according to you.

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    I also think that you should post more explanations to your question...
    But I guess maybe you are asking about how to return a value for a bool function... If that's what you want it like this:
    bool function(void)
         return true;     //this returns true
                                 //or you can type return false; istead!
    it's just as same as any other function except you can only return true of false!

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    bool state;
    void myToggleFunc() {
         state = !state;

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    dont you mean
    bool state; // i recommend initializing it..but if nots its automatically true (1)
    void myToggleFunc(bool& vstate)
    // since you are not returning anything you would want to 
    // pass this by reference to change the data
         vstate = !vstate; // since state was true now state is false
    i think that is what you mean
    nextus, the samurai warrior

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    I prefer to XOR bools with 1 to toggle em.

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