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    structure help

    hi im really new to structures and i just wanted to know any real programming applications to them, like any use for them

    any examples would help as well


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    A struct is a conglomeration of other types. In c++ this structure becomes a new type itself. For instance a structure that defines fractional numbers may look like this...
    struct Fraction
       int denominator;
       int numerator;
    Now we have a type called Fraction that holds 2 int members. These members can be accessed by the dot operator . or with the arrow operator -> if you have a pointer to a Fraction instead.
    Fraction fraction;
    fraction.numerator = 1;
    fraction.denominator = 2; // fraction now represents a half
    Fraction* pfraction = &fraction;
    pfraction->denominator = 4; // use a pointer to change fraction to a quarter
    All real applications use structures in one way or another. The common struct is more important in c than c++ because c++ offers the class keyword. In c++ the only thing you have to remember about structs is that their default access specifier is public whereas class default access specifier is private. i.e
    struct A
       int x; // this is public
    class B
       int x; // this is private
    struct C : A  // Yes we can inherit structs. this is public inheritance
       int y;
    class D : B // this is private inheritance
       int y;
    Free the weed!! Class B to class C is not good enough!!
    And the FAQ is here :-

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