Thread: Cant comprehend C++ I/O and streams.

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    Cant comprehend C++ I/O and streams.

    Im currently reading a book by Herbert Schilt called C++, A Beginners Guide. Everything to me is relatively easy to understand, from data types to classes and polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation methods to operator overloading with one huge exception.
    The moment I read up to chapter 11, on the C++ I/O system, I found it mentally damaging to understand. It was as if this dude omitted three chapters.
    Does anyone know of any comprehensible newbie-friendly tutorials focusing on the C++ I/O system and the hierarchy of classes (I dont know what Im talking about anymore up to this point) and... stream-related stuff in general? I know its asking alot (especially the "newbie-friendly" and "I/O system" which seem contradictory) so even any minute help would be very much appreciated. Thanx.
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    Check out this site. It has lots of books on it. check through the other books and see you can comprehend how they do it
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    try searching the web for a good tutorial

    this site i think might do the work
    then when u have founf a couple u can choose the best

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