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    struct function problem

    Im having problems how to declare a struct function prototype and how to call it in main


    struct PhoneBook
    int Number;
    char Name[MAXNAMELENGTH + 1];


    void Sort(struct PhoneBook [], int LISTSIZE); //Sorts the contacts in the list
    void Search(struct PhoneBook ); //Searchs list for a name and returns a bool value
    struct Add(struct PhoneBook []); //Adds a single contact to list
    struct Delete(struct PhoneBook []); //Deletes a single contact from list

    struct PhoneBook List[MAXLISTSIZE] = {
    { 353871234567890, "Tom Crowe"}
    { 32432543543534, "Thomas Riddick"}
    Search(PhoneBook List); //i think this is wrong

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    once you declare the stuct you don't have to declare it again.
    struct PhoneBook List[MAXLISTSIZE]
    //should be
    PhoneBook List;// you declare an object with the name List of the
                              //type PhoneBook
    Search(PhoneBook List);
    //should be
    Search(List); //you have already decleared the type. The other
                        //should give you a compiler error
    There may be more mistakes but those are the ones I can see.
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    thanks very much

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