Thread: What is a ' unsigned char *s '

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    What is a ' unsigned char *s '

    What is a ' unsigned char *s '

    I want to use this function:
    void textout(BITMAP *bmp, FONT *f, unsigned char *s, int x, y, int color);

    I am trying to put a Var into the unsigned char *s but I can't use a string. If I use a char I could only use one char.. right?

    What kind of var do I use to place a string of text in a unsigned char *s ??

    Am I asking the right question?? I don't know.... lol

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    but I can't use a string
    Why not? If by string you mean the c-style one then you could either create an unsigned array and pass it in, or cast a signed string to an unsigned one in your function call.

    If you mean a c++ STL string then you can use the c_str() member function with an unsigned cast in your function call.

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