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    DNS(Domain Naming System)

    hello freinds,
    I am doing a project for my finalyear Bachelors degree program so i am thinking to do a small DNS as project,so the question is whether can i code it in VC++ and if yes how to start. how long will it take(estimate).
    please help me

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    When all else fails, read the instructions.
    If you're posting code, use code tags: [code] /* insert code here */ [/code]

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    No one knows how long it will take you, this all depends on you and you skills. But I wish you good luck. Also to better understand how they work I have included a link to HowStuffWork's explination of DNS.
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    You can do just about anything with VC++. If you're getting your degree in computer science then I assume you are very comfortable with some language and some GUI.

    If you're graduating in June (sort-of traditional here in the U.S.), I'd say it's a close call... maybe too much to learn in a few months.
    You're post seems to imply that you're new to C++ and Windows Programming. (?)

    I have two opposing thoughts, as your final project may have two purposes. The first purpose is to demonstrate to your professors what you have learned and that you know how to apply your knowledge, and know how to present your project, etc. In this case you should build on what you already know. So if you've been studying Pascal for 4 years and you're really good at it, you don't want to turn-in a Freshman-level VC++ project.

    The secondary goal is to impress potential employeers, and MSVC++ is probably the most-used language/compiler in industry.

    If you want to get a feel for Programming the Windows API, take a look at Charles Petzold's book "Programming Windows". Just about every Windows programmer has a copy of this book. So, if it's in your "student budget" get a copy. There is a similar book by Herbert Schildt.

    I think that a couple of hours looking into DNS and Windows GUI programming in C++, and you'll be able to determine if you can accomplish the mission in the time you have. Have fun! Your final project should be fun and the long-hours enjoyable!

    One last thought about how long it will take... Almost all projects take longer than expected. I've been working on this theory of "asymetrical task-time variation", or someting like that... Say you're replacing a part on your car and it's supposed to take an hour. If it goes better than expected, it might take half an hour. If things go wrong, it might take all day. If you have to accomplish 10 of these tasks in 10 hours you won't get them done!

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