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    Dynamic arrays

    Hi Guys!
    I'm back....

    I am currently going through some code in class. I have a problem, I want to make the gather() and show() progs dynamic. But it won't let me, my teacher says to use pointers but I can't get them to work. Its basicly everytime MAX is used, I get an error telling me that it expects a const. Using MSVC++ at course, Bloodshed 5 at home.

    #include <iostream.h>
    #define LENGTH 20
    #define TAB '\t'
    //#define MAX 9	//Nine Planets
    int MAX = 9;
    int *pMax;
    struct planet {
    char name[LENGTH];
    int howfar;
    struct planet Gather(void); // structure as output
    void Show(struct planet p[MAX]); // structure as input
    	pMax = &MAX;
    	int i;
    	cout << "How Many Planets Would You Like? ";
    	cin >> MAX; //Gather the information for how many planets to be placed in database
    	struct planet solarsystem[MAX];
    		for (i=0; i<MAX; i++)
    solarsystem[i] = Gather(); // get details for each planet and store
    cout << endl << "Planet Name" << TAB  << "Distance from Sun";
    	Show(solarsystem); // display the details
    struct planet Gather(void)
    struct planet temp;
    cout << "ENTER THE PLANET NAME ";
    cin >>;
    cin >> temp.howfar;
    void Show(struct planet p[MAX])
    int x;
    for (x = 0; x<MAX; x++)
    cout << endl << p[x].name << TAB << TAB;
    cout << p[x].howfar << endl;
    Thankyou for any help!
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    Try change
    int MAX = 9;
    const int MAX = 9;
    An (static)array declaration requires that a constant expression is specified. The size of the array must be determined at compile time and not run-time.

    Consider situation
    cin >> MAX;
    int Int = new int[MAX];
    //Problem arises
    //Size not determined at compile time

    If you want to declare a dynamic array you will do it trough a pointer
    cin >> MAX;
    //Now it is possible
    int *pInt = new int[MAX];
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    Instead of struct planet solarsystem[MAX]; in order to make the array dynamic, type planet *solarsystem=new planet[MAX]; In the rest of the program, use the arrow(->) operator instead of the dot(.) operator for indirection. In this case, MAX need not be declared as a constant. The value of MAX can now be input by the user, or generated within the program.

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