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    Beta-testing: new hexeditor feature

    I have implemented a new feature on my (relatively) old hexeditor HyperEdit.

    The new feature is a search function that allows approximate matches.
    If the user searches for "cprogrammign" in the text "This is a c-programming forum" the program still finds the string, even though one '-' is missing and two characters has switched places.

    If you're interested, download the program here: HyperEdit (815kB)

    The tolerance is given in %. If the tolerance is set to 80% and the word is 5 characters long, no more than .20*5=1 differences may be present to render a match. Thus, a tolerance of 100% requires a perfect match.

    I'd like this function to be tested, but you are always welcome to submit bugs on other functions as well.

    (Edit) BTW, Do you know of any hexeditor/word processor that has a similar function, I can't seem to find one in, for example, Word.
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