Thread: My first 2 c++ program

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    My first 2 c++ program

    I'm new to c++, but I now have 2 program that I made:

    A Basic calculator ( +, -, *, / ):

    A game in which you need to find the random number:

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    I forgot to say, Right Click, Save target as...

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    1 - You have a question, or what?
    2 - "Right Click, Save target as" Most people will be able to work that one out for themselves
    3 - Ideally, game progs should be in the Game forum.
    4 - You've only provided the binaries, what use is that?
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
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    The calculator doesn't even give you a chance to calculate again. Also if you added "cout << "Option: "; cin >> option;" it would be nicer so we could see that you wanted our input and the program didn't just freeze.

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