Thread: C++ expires? LOL

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    C++ expires? LOL

    I spoke with someone, and he said that c++ will expire on 2015. WTF?

    He says there is a bug? Is he daydreaming? I think its the most hillarious idea ive ever heard

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    Yes there is a major bug which allows idiots to make obscure claims about the language! It must be fixed immediately!

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    Is there any program released without bugs?
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    C++ is not a program, therefore it can not have bugs. A compiler may have a bug, but another compiler can be released without that bug. So his C++ expires idea is a bit flawed.

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    Maybe he means the C++ standard will be updated in 2015, altho it might happen sooner, like 2005.
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    it doesnt expire. i read someting about time.h that screws up at year 2015. its being worked on though. but who knows, maybe the world will turn to java's evil before 2015 .

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