Thread: Varible is different once returned.

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    Varible is different once returned.

    Hey there,
    I have a varible which is declared inside the scope of a function, of the type const char*. If I printf() the varible it's correct value is displayed and then that varible is returned. If I then printf() the varible which was returned (from another function) the value is just scrambled characters. Could anyone suggest why this is happening?

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    You can't return a pointer to a local variable and expect the memory to not be reclaimed when the function returns. In other words, this will not work because the memory for s is reclaimed when the function returns:
    #include <iostream>
    char *getStr()
      char s[100];
      std::cout<<"Enter a string: ";
      std::cin.getline ( s, sizeof s );
      return s;
    int main()
      std::cout<< getStr() <<std::endl;
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    So, what you can do is return a string object or pass a char array buffer to the function where it is filled
    string func(void)
        string s = "special message";
        return s;
    // with this version, you must be sure that the buffer you pass to the
    // function is large enough to hold whatever is going to go in it...
    void funct(char *s)
        strcpy(s, "special message");
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