Thread: perfect squares?

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    perfect squares?

    Part of my assignment is to find "magic squares". That is, perfect squares that are the sum of consecutive intergers. I get the second part, but I have no idea how to check that the square root of the sum of consecutive numbers is an interger (and therefor a perfect square). Maybe I need to find another way to check for perfect squares?

    any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Maybe I am misreading, but any odd number is the sum of consequctive integers, correct?

    As for checking if the squareroot is an integer, try

    bool squareRootIsInt(double arg) {
    return sqrt(arg) == (int) sqrt(arg);

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    the sum of consecutive ints would be 1, 1+2=3, 1+2+3=6, 1+2+3+4=10, and so on in my problem. Not just 2+3 or 3+4, or something like that. Your probably not misreading, it's more likely I didn't explain it properly.

    Anyway, I ended up comparing the square root to the floor of the square root. It seems to work. Thanks all the same!

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