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    Question confuse about included files

    I am totally confused between include header files and source files?
    Some sample C++ programs in my C++ textbook using like this:

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include "Person.h"
    int main()
    Other files such as Student.h using include like this:
    const int MAX = 30;
    class Student
           char name[MAX];
    #include "Person.cpp"     //include source file at the end?
                                            //I am confuse??What the purpose here

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    #include can be used to include any type of file. You really should not #include a cpp file at the end of a header, however -- avoid it. The reason people often do #include a cpp file is so that the same header file can be included in multiple projects and they get both the declarations and the definitions whenever someone includes it. In reality, this is better done using a static link library instead. If you're not sure what's going on with the #include's then just imagine that a #include actually copy and pastes all the data from the file you are including into the file you include it from.

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    one reason for #include'ing source files at the end of header files is so that the source file of the class need not be included in the project. The file just needs to be located in the same folder (if it is included like this: #include "file.h"), but if #include file.cpp is not in the header file, then you will have to include file.cpp in your project along with main.

    I'm sure this really doesn't touch the surface of #include'ing files at the end. I agree with polymorphic, though.

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