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    Originally posted by bennyandthejets
    i dont want to seem like a party pooper, but i strongly advise against this sort of programming. its better to learn the basics of programming with simpler projects, and gradually build up a strong knowledge base, and a good idea of how to structure programs efficiently. ray, maybe you should do something else for your assignment, and continue this project when you're a little more familiar with c++.

    but if you're still intent on doing this project now, ammar's example isn't bad as a base. a good loop structure and some formulas for determining damage taken is all it needs. good luck.
    When I read ray's post I figures out that he is trying to put together some basics of C++ like loops switch statement and make a small project... So I gave him a very simple example for the project he is trying to make... There is no need for complexity, he just needs to make it as simple as possible, so he can focus on putting together what he knows in C++, rather than making a good program of a game.

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    hmmm... i guess you're right. even so, there could be easier projects. sorry, my bad.

    i think a good idea is to draw a flow chart describing how the program should work. that way, you can see the program logically, etc. then you can ensure that each individual part works towards a common goal, if you know what i mean.
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