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    1 stupid question

    how do I return an array?

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    If it's a local variable, you don't. If it's dynamic memory or static memory, you can just pass a pointer to it. Three examples:

    char* funct()
        char array[SOME_MAX_SIZE];
        strcpy(array,"My Buggy message");
         /* This is a bug. Don't do this in your code */
        /* the storage for array does not stay in scope, so you
            can't return it */
        return array;
    static char array[SOME_MAX_SIZE];
    char* funct1()
        strcpy(array, "But this is okay");
        return array;
    /* Or... */
    char* funct2()
        char* array = (char*)malloc(SOME_MAX_SIZE);
        strcpy(array,"This is also okay");
        return array;
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    >how do I return an array?
    Put it inside a struct, and return that. Personally I'd try not to use this method in any of my real-life designs though.
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