Thread: Specifing a particular number in a string

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    Question Specifying a particular number in a string

    I am new at this!!!

    I am trying to write a program that converts binary to decimal. My thought is to manipulate the power of 2 with a counter starting at zero. Then use the power function to get the power of 2. Each time that answer needs to be multiplied by a particular number in the binary number. How do I specify that number.?

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    How are you storying your number?

    cout << myint << endl;

    Doesn't work?

    If your number is stored in a string, you can just use things like strtol().

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    Assuming you've read the binary number in as a string called num, use:
    num[0] - '0'  //to get the first binary digit
    num[1] - '0'  //to get the second binary digit
    num[2] - '0'  //to get the third binary digit
    and so on.

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